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Our Policy

It is the policy of the HAZE zymurgy enthusiasts to brew and consume beer strictly for fun. Under no circumstances does HAZE support or condone in any manner the sale or barter of homebrewed beer, the operation of a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol by a member or by any participant in any club event, or the provision of alcoholic beverages to minors.

2008 Club Officers

President:Michael Frenn
Vice President:Mike Boyd
Treasurer:Beth Zangari
Secretary:Stan Backlund
Events Coordinator:Tina Weinreich

Contact Information

To contact an HAZE officer click here

The homebrewers@hazeclub.org mail list

You're welcome to join HAZE’s mailing list service. It's a means for HAZE members and friends to keep each other posted on what's happen in relation to the HAZE homebrew club.

Additional information and instructions for subscribing, unsubscribing or changing your preferences are here.

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