Home-made Quick Siphon Gadget

Step 1. The wire needed to be bent into a coil that is same enough to fit into the 3/4" side to the fitting but large enough so it doesn’t slide out the the 1/2" side. This coil, when fitted properly, will allow the marble to seal against one end of the 1/2" fitting but not the other. To shape the coil, bend the wire around the outside of the 1/2" end of one of the fittings. The coil needs only to be approximately ˝’ in length. Some trail and error effort is needed so that the marble and coil fit into the 3/4" fitting loosely.

Step 2. With the marble and coil in the 3/4" side of a reducer, slip the other 3/4" end of the other reducer over and slightly shake the fitting side to side. You should notice some play or movement of the marble against the coil and the 1/2" end of the reducer; this is needed. Too much spacing and the coil might turn sideways and not allow the needed movement of the marble. The marble should move from it’s seated position about 1/4" to 3/8" and back when the valve is shaken.

Step 3. Clean the fittingsin the area where the 3/4" ends overlap, assemble the parts and lightly solder the two reducer together.

Step 4. Using needle-nose pliers or a similar prying tool, gently enlarge one end of a length of 1/2" vinyl hose and fit the siphon valve - with the marble end out. Once the siphon valve is attached to your hose you want to see the marble and not the coil end of the fitting.

The use the Quick Siphon first sanitize the hose assembly, place the fitting end of the hose into the liquid (about 4-6 inches deep) and quickly shake the hose up and down. Do not let the fitting come out of the liquid during this action. You will see the liquid “climb” up the hose and start down to your receiving container. Keep shaking until the liquid level in the hose is below the liquid level of the transfering liquid.

The assembly of this fitting should take the average homebrewer about 20 – 30 minutes to complete. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded each next time you rack your wort or beer. Give me a call if you want to bring your fittings over and assemble this valve at my house.

Randy Smith

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