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HAZE’s beer booth at the Harvest Festival 2002

The Harvest Festival is put on by El Dorado County’s Agriculture Department and is HAZE’s main fund raiser for each year.

HAZE’s 10th year meeting

During our August 2002 meeting we celibrated our homebrew club’s 10th year of existance.

National HomeBrew Day 2002

For the 5th National HomeBrew Day’s Big Brew HAZE members brewed about 200 gallons of Old Ale at Gold Hill Brewery.  Here are some pictures taken by Kerry Kozelka.

Barley Wine team brew, December 2001

On December 29th 2001 HAZE had a Barley Wine team brew session.  We had 6 brew systems going.  We also produced 3 2nd beers from the 2nd runnings.  Here are some pictures.

HPL 2001 (HAZE Perpetual Lambic Project)

The 1st annual HPL (HAZE Perpetual Lambic project) happen on December 1st 2001.  We yielded about 80 gallons at OG 1.052.  Here are some pictures.

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